Subject Leader:  Carla West

“If you want to understand today you have to search yesterday.”

Pearl S. Buck, American novelist (1892-1973)

The purpose of the Nuneaton Academy History Curriculum is to provide pupils with the ability to take part in important and interesting conversations about world history, and about how British history has impacted on and been impacted on by the wider world.

History helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be. It also helps understand what has caused mistakes in the past so as a society we can try to prevent such actions happening again. Students look at historical societies from the Middle Ages to modern times and thus become equipped with a range of skills that are transferable and highly valued by employers and make any student a good prospect. For example:

  • Asking questions
  • Making Judgements
  • Problem solving
  • Report writing skills
  • Critical analysis
  • The ability to communicate: both spoken and written
  • Logical thought processes
  • Understanding people

Students who study History can progress into the following careers: Law, journalism, broadcasting, civil service, teaching, police, publishing, personnel work, banking, management, social work, insurance, accountancy and nursing. These are just a selection of careers History empowers students to access a future in.  History is considered to be a ‘gateway’ GCSE as the skills developed underpin careers in many other areas.