Lunch Menu

Options currently served at the canteen:

Various hot baguettes/baps and wraps  (chicken, meatballs, buttermilk chicken steak to name a few)  £1.85

Hot pasta pots   £1.60

Main meal (limited only) Lasagne/curry/chow mein/yorkshire pudding boats with potatoes & veg   £1.90

Jacket potato cheese and beans/ wedges cheese and beans   £1.50

Sausage rolls  (Hot & Cold)   £1.10

Pizza  £1.05

Sandwiches   £1.65

Cold pasta salad   £1.80

Cold Filled wrap   £1.85

Fresh fruit   40p

Dessert pots  (various)  80p

Small bottles of water 65p

Large bottles of water 80p

Cuplet juice drink 40p