Staff list

Senior Leadership Team

Lara Hall Principal
Joseph Newton Vice Principal
Simon Trout Vice Principal
Phillip Kruse Assistant Principal
Cerina Barnes Assistant Principal
June Baber Assistant Principal
Sue Beech Senior Business Manager

Faculty Staff 

English and Languages Staff

Director of Learning: Samuel Garland
Connor Lacy (Assistant DoL)
Cerina Barnes (Assistant Principal)
Chloe Alexander (SENCO)
Abbie Thay
Emma Wright
Charlotte Green
Modern Foreign Language  
Daniel Perera (Assistant DoL)
Jonathan Prime
Charlotte Power

Science Staff

Director of Learning: Kalpesh Pancholi
Lynsey Perry (Assistant DoL)
Varinder Chohan
Ted Cheong
Prachi Mohile
Aisha Shakel
Mobolanle Oshin

Maths and Computing Staff

Director of Learning: James Longley
David Gibson (Assistant DoL)
Ashley Tindall(Assistant DoL)
Steven Adams
Joy Allton
Orla Brandenburg
Mohammed Nasseri
Pritesh Patel (Computing)
Alex Cooke

Humanities Staff

Director of Learning: Charlotte Billyeald
Phillip Kruse (Assistant Principal)
Cassandra Hancocks (Geography Lead)
Carla West (History Lead)
Sian Brockway (RE Lead)
Izabela Doiczman  
Juliette Harris
Zach Jarvis
Amanda Hebert
Georgia Jones
Sophia Kehoe

Creative, Performance, Technology &  Vocational Staff

Acting Director of Learning:  Grant Saunt
Simon Trout (Vice Principal)
Joseph Newton (Vice Principal)
June Baber (Assistant Principal)
Cerina Barnes (Assistant Principal)
Claire Cooke (MAT Central)
Carolyn Goertz (Music Lead)
Laura Tapsell (Food Lead)
Steve Adams (Drama Lead)
Tej Kalirai
Richard Hancock
Laura Stansfeld
Delyth Parton
Hazel Bradford-Jones
Joshua Wilson
Lee Foley
Callum Pickles


Ben Scoffham

Support Staff 


PA to Principal Annette Hoar
Front of House Manager Julie Hancocks
Reception and Admin Assistant Shanita Todd
Reception Charlotte Bean
Business and Admin Assistant  
Data and Exams Manager Michelle Hopkins


Senior Business Manager Sue Beech
Trainee Business Manager Marie Blower
Premises Manager  Tom Westmoreland
Caretaker Andy Makepeace

Pupil Support

Attendance Manager Sonia Millar
Pastoral Lead - Year 7 Lisa Blackburn
Pastoral Lead - Year 8 Jason Harpin
Pastoral Lead - Year 9 Maria Finnegan
Pastoral Lead - Year 10 Angie Green
Pastoral Lead - Year 11 Andy Brown
Safeguarding Officer Karen Thompson
Family Engagement Officer Nikita Baskett

Support for Learning

Progress Coaches Dawn Hemmings
  Nicki Shelton
  Halimna Master
  Gail Jones
  Launi Cheong
Pastoral/SEND Admin  
Student Support Officer Connor Haywood
Student Support

Lindsay Baker


Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Librarian Chris Jupe

School Counsellor

Counsellors Vicki Clay
  Gerard Millsopp
  Sarah Farrer

Subject Technicians

Senior Science Technician Janet Oliver
Science Technician Tina Ford
Technology Technician Jim Johnston
Food Technician Sharon Bale


Catering Manager Claire Spence
Catering Assistants Elaine Knighton
  Sarah King