About Us

The Nuneaton Academy is committed to providing the best possible education for our young people, through high quality teaching and learning and excellent pastoral support.

We deliver an academically rich curriculum in modern state of the art school facilities. We believe that all pupils benefit from an ambitious and stretching curriculum, full of knowledge. We clearly define the key knowledge that our pupils will acquire in all pupils and we share this with them so that they can check their understanding, revise and prepare for the next topic. Our curriculum is structured carefully from year 7 right through to Year 11 so that pupils are constantly exposed to new knowledge during their time with us, whilst also revisiting knowledge to ensure that it is retained and built upon.

Staff at the Nuneaton Academy work tirelessly to ensure that lessons are well planned and provide effective feedback to pupils on what they need to do to make more progress in their learning. The main aim for us is to ensure that our pupils have high expectations and aspirations for the future, and in delivering this we are committed to provide good advice, guidance and pastoral support to ensure that they are happy and prepared for the world beyond school.

The most recent Ofsted Inspection of the Nuneaton Academy stated that, ‘The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. Pupils value the care given to them by all adults in the school. Pupils feel safe in the school and they know they can turn to staff to resolve any concerns they have.’

The Nuneaton Academy has a 'No Excuses' ethos and expectation for all to Aspire, Believe and Achieve, and is committed to ensuring that pupils reach their full potential and enjoy the learning experience.