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Dispensing Medication in School 

The way we are dispensing medication in school is changing. Any time a pupil requires non prescribed ad-hoc medication, parents/carers will be required to give consent each and every time this needs to occur. If you wish to provide prior consent to medication on any given day, this can be done using the form (explained below) in the morning prior to your child coming to school. If a child comes to see us asking for medication, we will notify you of this via the WEDUC app and await for the consent form to be completed before we will administer any medication.

 The only method that this consent can be given is via the school app either on your phone or computer. This is to improve the safeguarding of your child. You will be required to provide a digital signature each time you wish to give this consent.

No medication should ever be carried by pupils at any time. If you wish to provide us with any medication to dispense to your child, you must bring this to Reception and complete relevant online forms.

The way we provide daily medication which has been prescribed by a GP will not change.

To access the form, you will need to sign in to the WEDUC App or visit, select 'Complete and Submit. Forms > select the arrow next to your name > select “Available forms” and then finally select the 'Consent to Medication' Form. The link for the form is below if you wish to familiarise yourself with it. 


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The Nuneaton Academy has lockers available to rent for all pupils. Lockers are provided by Prefect Lockers, 

The cost per school year is £18, and payment can be made by Paypal, Debit/Credit card, or by calling Prefect Lockers on 0845 8802426. On receipt of payment, the code for the combination lock is sent to you by text/email. 

To reserve your child's locker please visit:

The Nuneaton Academy is not involved in the booking/renting of lockers and can only access a pupils locker in an emergency, or to help a pupil who forgets their locker combination code. All other queries relating to the lockers must be referred to Prefect Lockers using the number above.