Year 9 Options 2023

Welcome to Year 9 Options! 

This is where we start the process of looking at the changes that take place when pupils finish Year 9 and start on their Year 10 pathway. 

The most significant change is that pupils will be studying fewer subjects in September, and they will be able to choose some of them. To make this choice we have provided you with a range of information that may help you please see outline below.


Choosing the right courses outlined on this webpage and in the Options Booklet is a full range of courses, which we believe provides for the needs of all our pupils. This will offer all of them progression routes into further and higher academic or vocational education. 

This marks a very significant stage in a pupil’s education, since in Years 10 & 11 Pupils have some degree of choice in the subjects they study. It is, therefore, very important for pupils to read the information in the Options Booklet carefully, to discuss preferences with their parents and to seek advice from their teachers and tutor. 

This process of reading, reflection and discussion is very important, as we offer a wide range of subjects, including some that were not studied in the curriculum so far. It is therefore essential to take time to understand what each course offers, what combinations are possible, and what is most suitable for each pupil as an individual. In some instances, Tutors or other teachers will have specific advice and guidance to offer on what would be most suitable, and pupils should take this into account when completing the preferences form. Please follow the steps below in order to make fully informed choices.

Step 1: Options Booklet

Please read the Year 9 Options Booklet (link below) and take particular care on page 8 onwards which outlines the difference between a Core subject (one that all pupils must study) and a Specialist subject (these are the subjects your child must pick three from plus some reserves).

Year 9 Options Booklet 2023

Options Taster Day - 3rd February 2023

There is an opportunity for your child to sample two Option subjects that they are thinking about choosing in Years 10 & 11.

This Form will be given to pupils during Tutor time on Wednesday 18th January 2023.

Taster Day Booking Form

Step 3: Year 9 Parents evening to help inform choices - 8th February 

At this stage you and your child might have a fairly good idea of which subjects they are likely to pick, but you may require some more individual information. 

If you need more information you will be able to book to have an online appointment with your child’s Year 9 subject teacher and a GCSE subject specialist. 

We are hosting a online parents’ evening to focus on Year 9 Options on 8th February 4.00pm – 7.00pm.  Please see the information below which explains how to book online appointments to the parents evening system.

Please book online appointments for parents evening system on the WEDUC App from Monday 23rd January 2023:

Or, alternatively please click on the link below and sign up for the parents evening system. 

It’s important that when signing up you use your details exactly as they appear on our school records. This includes not shortening children’s names etc. If you have any problems signing up for the online parents evening system please contact:

Please see “Parents Guide for Booking Appointments” help sheet for more information on booking on the school cloud.

Parent/Carers Guide for booking appointments

It’s vital to get these choices right for your child in order to ensure great progress and outcomes.  I do strongly advise you to book appointments with several potential subjects you and your child might pick.

Parents of SEND pupils will also be able to book appointments with Mrs Toon our SENCO to get some individual advice for those pupils.

Step 4: Have a final discussion with your child and submit the online form.

When you and your child are confident they have made the right choices for them please fill in the Options form:

Year 9 Options Form

Please note pupils will be given the Option Form by their Form Tutor on Thursday 9th February

All forms should be submitted by 13th February

Next Steps:

Your part of the process is now complete and choices will be evaluated by Tutors and other teachers. This may lead to some conversation with pupils/parents/carers, to ensure all pupils are on the right course for them

It is also important to note, however, that at this stage, you are opting for a preference for your choices. We will make every effort to meet these choices.  On rare occasions, some options may not recruit a viable group.  We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss alternative choices

You will receive notification confirming your child's Year 9 Options final choices week beginning 5th June 2023


Help & Advice :

If you require any further help and advice, please email and your email will be sent to the correct member of staff.

Thank you and happy Options process!

Mr J Newton - Vice Principal