The Science curriculum is structured so that earlier topics provide the foundational knowledge and skills to be developed and consolidated throughout the five year programme of study.

In Year 7, pupils begin studying the fundamental concepts of biology, chemisty and physics, such as the structure of the atom, cellular biology, energy and electricity. They also cover mechanisms of biological organisation like the digestive and reproductive systems and ecological relationships. 

Year 8 sees pupils describing the actions of forces and waves, the interactions of atoms in chemical bonds and the processes essential for the existence of biological life.

In Year 9 pupils will study the interactions of particles and their internal energies, important chemical changes and industrial processes and the primary features of photosynthesis and respiration.

Moving into Year 10, pupils start on their GCSE Science pathway, whether in studying all three sciences as part of the AQA Combined Science qualification or as three separate AQA GCSE qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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