Mathematics and Computing


The Maths curriculum is sequenced to ensure mastery of a range of key mathematical knowledge and skills in the first years, so pupils can then progress this understanding when facing more challenging mathematical concepts at GCSE or A Level study.

Starting from Year 7, pupils develop a strong base in using number and algebra, building fluency to enable them to access linked areas as they progress in their studies.

Pupils cover a range of topics in each year, returning to them over the years to revisit key concepts and deepen their knowledge and understanding.  The curriculum is designed to be coherent, so pupils can see and make links between topics throughout the five year study.

In line with the latest thinking on the study of mathematics, curriculum resources have been 'atomised', with new material presented in smaller steps allowing for time for guided and independent practise to ensure a high success rate.

In Year 11, pupils sit the Edexcel GCSE Maths qualification.


The Computer Science curriculum equips pupils with the digital literacy skills to go into a world dependant on the use of digital technology.

In Year 7, pupils learn about  concepts of cyber security - dealing with online threats and how to keep data secure. They start to build skills in computational thinking  through simple block programming before creating games based on more complex sequencing nad programming. 

Moving into Year 8, pupils explore text based programming and build their understanding of computer software and networks.

In Year 9, pupils embark on a major programming project, cover Internet programming languages and advanced spreadsheets.

Starting In Year 10, some pupils may continue study towards sitting OCR GCSE Computer Science, which focuses on more advanced programming, computational thinking and algorithms. The majority of pupils will study practical applications of computing via the  Edexcel BTEC Digital Information Technology qualification.

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