Pupil Premium



Pupil Premium 

Pupil Premium Vision Statement

Pupil Premium Funding 2021 - 2022

As an Academy we strongly believe that all of our pupils have an entitlement – the ‘accumulation of  knowledge which has come down to us from our forefathers and is the fruit of thousands of years of human thought and toil of those who came before us’ (Robert Tressell ‘The Ragged Trousers Philanthropist’ 1914).  As an Academy we provide opportunities for all pupils without barriers to engage in all activities.  As leaders, we use all resources effectively to ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to succeed and increase their cultural capital.

The Purpose of the Grant is as follows:

· The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools to enhance the learning and achievement of pupils who have had free school meals in the last six years, potentially low income families (FSM 6), children who have been looked after by a local education authority, (LAC) and children who were adopted on or after December 2005 or were placed on a Special Guardianship or Residence Order immediately after being looked after (CAC)

· The Government believe that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to address the possible inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (over the last six years) and their peers by ensuring that there is funding to support these pupils

· There is also additional funding for pupils who have one or both parents in the armed forces (SS).  This is to ensure that they are provided with support at a potentially emotionally difficult time of their lives and to ensure that they make at least expected progress

Provision for those receiving Pupil Premium

Nuneaton Academy regularly reviews its intervention strategies. There is currently a wide range of provision for pupils who qualify for the Pupil Premium, these include:

  • Progress coach support across the Curriculum.
  • Targeted intervention based on need.
  • Mentoring/Intervention across the curriculum.
  • Allocation of resources to facilitate pupil progress and achievement
  • Extended Schools Access
  • Tackling any barriers in or out of The School that affect progress and achievement
  • (Attendance, equipment, resources and uniform)
  • Building relationships with the community to meet local need
  • Supporting improved attendance across The School.
  • Raising pupil aspiration and cultural capital through experiences and visits.

Pupil Premium Criteria

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Year 7 Catch Up Funding 

Nuneaton Academy receives Year 7 Catch Up Funding. 

Catch Up funding for Year 7 is being spent on direct instruction intervention.